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October 17th, 2007

ramen_or_death @ 08:08 pm: (Closed) Trial by Water
Kushina had awoken earlier than usual judging from the dark inky sky outside her balcony.  As she set about her morning routine, there was an anticipatory bounce in her step.  She had been quite serious in her offer the previous night for Akina to join her for a spar.  The fact that Akina was obviously a little unstable didn't even phase her.  In fact, she was eager to see what the other woman might have up her sleeve.

She didn't doubt Natsume Akina's fighting ability, knew that she'd been in ANBU for a few years and was currently a jounin.  That alone took a respectable amount of skill.  And while she made mental note of the rumors she'd heard, not discounting them, she kept in mind that gossip (especially within the jounin lounge) was usually wrong (like the one about how Kushina herself was nothing more than a power-hungry gold digger who hoped to run the village from inside of Namikaze's pants).  At any rate, she was honestly looking forward to sparring with someone who wouldn't hold back in account of friendship.

She'd probably come out of the fight with a bit of blood sacrificed to the river, but she could live with that.  So long as she dealt her own share of blood letting in the process.

Kushina gathered her assortment of weaponry, putting it all in place amongst the black training pants and top she wore.  The fitted garments showed more of her curves than she was usually comfortable with, but she wouldn't have to worry about excess material getting in her way.

It was a pleasant run across the rooftops of Konoha that lead her out to Training Grounds 8.  The earliest glimpses of morning light were beginning to reflect in the river as she stepped out onto the water.  She closed her eyes, focusing on the sounds around her and the ripple of the water beneath her feet, and glided into the first of her kata as she waited

Current Location: Training Grounds 8
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October 15th, 2007

mirror_fade @ 11:52 am: contact information
It has come to my attention that there has been some confusion as to how exactly to contact the moderators of this community (because we are sneaky like that, yo), so I have taken it upon myself to help people out a bit. 

Ok, I can be reached at silverhorse109@yahoo.com for whatever questions you might have, and at WhiteEyesFade

April can be reached at  spellboundinfire@peoplepc.com or paradiseisnowher

I hope this clears up the confusion.

-Fade, one of your friendly mods

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October 13th, 2007

mydarkintention @ 08:38 am: (Closed to Akina and Kushina) Running Away Never Gets You Far

Though the stars above her head seemed happy, shining so bright as they were, Natsume Akina was not. Akina was, in fact, quite pissed off. Having numerous projectile weapons launched at oneself was rarely a cause for great happiness. Having several clearly angry ANBU behind them, hot on her trail, was also not a cause for anything resembling happiness in any sane person.

Of course, Natsume Akina was a great many things, but sane was not often considered one of them.

Hissing a string of foul curses under her breath, the kunoichi darted from shadow to shadow, dodging the stupid civilians, who seemed almost hell-bent on crashing into her. Fuckers, she’d be doing the world a favor if she killed them all. Stupid, weak people, crowding the street, blocking her path, slowing her down.

ANBU didn’t shout as they chased her, didn’t make any noise, for they were trained to be silent, but Akina knew they were coming after her. Former mission-mates, three of them. She didn’t remember their names, but knew what they could do, what they would do, if they caught up to her.

Stupid Genjutsu-User, with green eyes and pink hair, the bitch was good at that, if nothing else. A brat, too young to know how to torture properly, but old enough to know how to hurt those who she put her mind to.

Idiot With That Scar On His Face, Akina didn’t know too much about him, other than the fact that he worked in Intel, and his favored weapons were senbon needles.

Bastard Who Asks Too Many Questions, a rookie the kunoichi was already wishing had died, and painfully so.

Lighting a cigarette, Natsume Akina ducked into the one place they wouldn’t look. A Ramen stand.

Yeah, and it was filled with civies. Great.

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October 8th, 2007

mydarkintention @ 08:16 pm: (closed) The Evil Men Do

Kind of a back story, my attempt to flesh Akina out more. Ujiki is her jounin-sensei

He’d come in from the rain, but by the time he finally knocked on the door,his hair, tied back in its customary ponytail, was almost dry. Still damp, but not soaking, not wet enough to do the storm raging outside any semblance of justice

October 4th, 2007

sarutobi_sandai @ 08:29 pm: [Closed to Akina] A Day in the Life of a Kage
The Third folded his arms across his desk and observed the woman in front of him with a hint of exasperation. “How can I help you, Akina-san?”

He knew very well from the look on her face that she could only be in his office, standing before him with that ever present scowl, for one reason alone. To complain. Sighing, he awaited the inevitable and braced himself for the lecture he was going to have with the young kunoichi once again. No, this wasn’t the first time Natsume Akina had appeared in his office with that look. And he doubted today would be the last time it happened either. Oh well, he could always hope …  

October 3rd, 2007

art_is_a_bang09 @ 11:05 pm: Shinobi Confidential Files, Take 2


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art_is_a_bang09 @ 12:23 am: Shinobi Confidential Files

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art_is_a_bang09 @ 12:09 am: How Missions Work
Mission Assignments

S, A, B, C, D - rank missions are all available. (PM or email me, the 'Sandaime Hokage'. I will start a mission thread in which I give you and your team an assignment to complete. The rest is up to you, then. You can continue to interact with the Sandaime or choose to leave and prepare for your mission.)

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