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Naruto RPG

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art_is_a_bang09 @ 12:23 am: Shinobi Confidential Files

Player handle -  mirror_fade, Fade
Name - Abby R
Age - 16
AIM (required) - WhiteEyesFade
Other instant messenger - N/A
Email - silverhorse109@yahoo.com
I have read the rules and agree to abide by them - yes


Character Name – Natsume Akina
Age - 20
Birthday – October 29
Type of Ninja– Until very recently, a member of ANBU, but is now just a regular shinobi.
Rank – Jounin

Physical Appearance– Akina has what appears, at first glance, to be about the average kunoichi build: slender, long-limbed, and deceptively powerful. If you look a little closer, though, you’ d notice her large hips, and slightly broader-than-usual shoulders. Her waist is also slightly thicker than what you usually see on a kunoichi, but its all hard muscle, a tribute to her rather rigorous training.

Her face, however, perched upon a slender neck, is rather fine-boned, with high cheekbones and a very pointed chin. Her nose is rather crooked, having been broken numerous times in the past. There is a long, thin scar on the very edge of her left cheek, but her hair usually hides it. With a somewhat pale complexion for all the time she spends outside, Akina isn’t a drop-‘em-dead gorgeous girl, but she’s better looking than some.

Long, thin, and rather stringy black hair reaches about an inch past her shoulders when let down. It’s usually held up in a tight, business-like ponytail. The word “volume” could never be applied to it, and she’s the last person who the shampoo companies would pick to model their products. The fact that Akina washes it with scent-killing things doesn’t help matters much. Her bangs are rather shaggy, and reach about down to her chin, though defiantly not evenly.

Her eyes are average size and shape, and a very, very dark brown in color. Her arching eyebrows give her a quizzical expression, though her mood rarely matches it.

Thin lips hide her straight teeth, two of which are gold, which are stained by years of chain-smoking. She usually has a cigarette dangling out of her mouth, and medics have been predicting that Akina’ll die before she hits thirty ever since she started at fourteen. It seems to have escaped their notice that most shinobi are dead before thirty anyways.

She’s about an inch taller than average, and walks with a slight limp on her right side, the result of a broken ankle that never healed quite right.

As far as scars go, Akina has her fair share, the most spectacular of which is a burn covering the majority of her back in an almost spider web-like pattern. She also has several rather thick ones on the bottom of her right foot from stepping on a trip-wire and the resulting booby-trap when she was a chuunin.

On a side note, Akina never wears kohl (she gets an allergic reaction to it and breaks out in hives), but doesn’t mind a bit of lipstick or lip-gloss from time to time. Both ears have five piercing in them, one on the top, four on the bottom, and her nose is also pierced. As would be expected, her ANBU tattoo is on her left bicep.

Usual Clothing- Akina wears the normal jounin getup when on duty, though her forehead protector usually has a few dents and scratches, since she doesn’t often clean it. Off duty, she wears sweatpants, very short shorts, or the occasional mini-skirt with even shorter shorts underneath (made for mobility). She has a fondness for tank tops and fishnet, and almost always wears a long trench coat over whatever else she has on (gotta love those pockets, perfect for holding all sorts of things).

If you looked into the pockets of her sweatpants, you’d be sure to find a packet of cigarettes, probably half-smoked, a deck of cards, lint, and her coin-purse.

Living Situation - Until very recently Akina lived in the ANBU barracks, but has now moved to a predominantly shinobi neighborhood, near the base of the Hokage Monument. She lives on the top floor of an apartment building, room 214, with a balcony, three windows, and access to the roof.

Fighting Style – Natsume Akina is a Ninjutsu specialist, with a hard second in armed Taijutsu. She knows several Katon attacks, but Donton and Lightning style jutsus are her forte. Her skill at memorizing and ability to quickly form hand seals, along with her good chakra control (she probably could have trained to be a medic if she wanted), are what mark her as an expert.

Her skill in Genjutsu is what it needs to be for her current rank, nothing more and nothing less. The ones she can cast are more of the smaller, subtler, notice-me-not-I’m-just-a-rock type than the more advanced “hello, there’s suddenly a creature not known to my plane of existence blocking my path. I think I’ll run away screaming like a little girl.” Akina doesn’t often use them in combat, though the skill is at times helpful.

As far as Taijutsu (unarmed, that is) goes, she can perform at the required skill level for jounin rank, but undoubtedly fairs much better with a weapon than without. Her weapon of choice is a bladed staff, which she ran retract and hook to her belt when not using it.

Preferred Weapons – Her retractable staff, which stands at five feet tall, six with the blade, is by far her favorite. It is made of metal, so as to be able to withstand blows from most bladed weapons, and retracts down to the size of a small sword (two feet, ten inches). Akina likes it because she can stick it into the ground when forming hand-seals, and quickly snatch it back up when she’s done.

As a shinobi, she also carries the basic kunai, shuriken, and senbon, the uses of which she is proficient in. She is also familiar with the ANBU-grade katana, and occasionally uses one.

Though it should be noted that Akina has what many would consider to be an unhealthy love of explosive tags.

Special Jutsu –Akina has a summoning contract with a flock of rather nasty carrion crows, utilized through a scroll she carries in her vest. They’re helpful for getting rid of corpses and scouting, though cannot achieve human speech (they respond to hand-signs, and communicate in symbols).

She knows many Earth style attacks, which is frowned upon by many, considering who the war is against, but she’s good at them, so no one complains overly much. As far as her Lightning ones, well, lets just say you haven’t felt anything until you’ve had your nerves electrocuted. The Torture and Interrogation branch of ANBU often uses her electric-based ones as well, and Akina has put them to such purposes in the field several times before.

Service Record– Graduated the Academy at age ten, trained for four years before her promotion to chuunin (it was her third attempt). Promoted to Tokubetsu Jounin at age seventeen, and entered ANBU, Mercenary division, two months later. She served three years under the mask, and was recently Dishonorably Discharged for committing a very terrible act nobody wants to talk about. Akina passed the exam for full jounin rank two weeks before her discharge.

Relationships – Has a rather uneasy truce with her parents, both civilians. Her two brothers (both shinobi and both younger) died several years ago in a border skirmish. Her mother doesn’t know what to do with her remaining child, and her father is downright afraid of Akina.

As far as friends go, Akina is on speaking terms with the surviving member of her genin team, but her Jounin-sensei pretends he doesn’t know her. She talks with her mission-mates casually when off-duty, but doesn’t consider them to be anything other than her associates, and has a bad habit of offending almost all the strangers she meets, especially civilians, whom she has a very low opinion of.

She doesn’t have a boyfriend (or a girlfriend), but will laugh if you ask about her virginity, and then proceed to detain, in rather crude terms, what she did last Friday night, where, with whom, and such things as that. If you want a meaningful relationship, look elsewhere.

Akina makes her fair share of enemies, and there are a few members of ANBU who want to commit her murder (several don’t particularly care if they get away with it or not), but she deals with them and doesn’t let them interfere with her shinobi work.

Now that she’s out of ANBU, Akina might make some more acquaintances, since there are more people out of the Black Ops who don’t know what she did to get kicked out.

Personality Traits – Natsume Akina has both a creed and a personal ambition that’s kept her going all these years. Her creed: be the last one standing, and never let an enemy live when you have the ability to stand. Her mission: to survive where others die, and therefore prove her strength.

She’s not a friendly kunoichi by anyone’s standards, and rarely uses honorifics, even to the Hokage. If she doesn’t like you, then she’ll take extra care to inform you of the fact, probably helped along by her rather foul tongue (she can’t seem to be able to speak three sentences without adding at least one fuck, damn, or shit, or any variation of the aforementioned). It’s a know fact she’ll swear at anyone, Sandaime included.

She doesn’t like to make friends, though she’ll talk casually to people outside of missions. If you can get past her rudeness and rather blunt way of describing things, you’ll discover that she’s in fact quite smart and perceptive. Just don’t expect her to pay up if you lend her money, or hold up her end of bargains or favors; its just not going to happen.

As far as tact goes, Akina doesn’t seem to understand the concept. She’ll remark on taboo subjects, laugh at the suffering of others, especially civilians, and will rebuke you for mourning the dead when you should be concentrating on other, more important things.

Off duty, Akina chain-smokes, sometimes going through as many as eight packs a day, drinks more than she should, and even, on occasion, takes Speed (helps her stay awake). She also knows that if you take several Soldier Pills at the same time, you’ll get an adrenalin rush to murder for.

As far as hobbies go, Akina watches slashes and reads romance novels, a little known fact.

She's almost always is doing something with her hands, disliking standing still for long periods of time, be it forming the ghosts of hand seals without chakra, folding origami animals, or playing cards, usually with herself, but she’ll on occasion invite others to join her. Be warned; Akina’s a blatant cheater, to make up for her horrible luck.

A sense of humor, Akina has not. She can pretend to possess one, rather convincingly, but she can’t, for the life of her, act polite. She’s blunt and tactless in about all situations, whether she’s attempting to be or not.

Imagine the worst mission a shinobi could get. Now imagine one three times worse. Akina’s done it, and probably more than once. And there’s a good chance it didn’t affect her at all. Indifference to the suffering and pain of others is one of her greatest strengths, or at least what Akina considers one. She could slaughter a school full of little children, and wouldn’t bat an eye.

Though she loves violence and is fascinated by carnage and gore, she understands that if she lets it affect her performance, then she’d die, and its her mission to survive where others did not.

As a squad leader, Akina thinks of the mission first, killing as many enemy-nin as possible second, and her own teammates last. Don’t expect her to save you if you’re in trouble. It won’t happen.

Personal History – Natsume Akina was born the eldest daughter of Natsume Kaede and Natsume Yoki, and is their only surviving child. She became a shinobi because she was fascinated by violence and the various ways it could be exercised. She showed up at the Academy with a forged application at age six, and by the time her parents figured it out, she was nearing the top of her class in Ninjutsu and strategy, and the teachers weren’t about to let her go.

She was placed on a genin team at age ten with Yasui Ujiki, a jounin-sensei who’d seen too much carnage, and two boys who thought the weird girl on their team didn’t make any sense. Akina earned their respect after breaking Yuji’s nose and nearly splitting Reichi’s skull open.

Reichi was killed two days after being promoted to chuunin, and Yuji started teaching at the academy rather than being sent to the frontlines with Akina. She made Special Jounin at seventeen, and entered ANBU soon after.

She grew up when the war was raging, and honestly doesn’t remember a time when it wasn’t looming overhead. Because of this, the war doesn’t affect her as much, and her almost startling penance for violence is mostly overlooked.

Akina wormed her way up the ANBU ranks, eventually making Captain, and leaving in her wake a long succession of bloody, carnage-filled missions, both successful and not. Some did have to wonder how exactly she came back from so many assignments when so many of her comrades died horrible deaths, but not too much.

Between you and me, perhaps they should have.

She made it her personal ambition to return alive from missions that slaughtered others, so as to prove her strength, and also made it her creed never to leave an enemy alive when she was still capable of standing.

It was on one such assignment that she came back covered in gore, two teammates short. One had died in combat. The other had not. Two weeks previously she’d made jounin, and four days later she was Dishonorably Discharged from the Black Ops.

Now she’s back on regular duty, but her ambitions haven’t changed.

Special Notes - She was recently Dishonorably Discharged from ANBU. The exact reason isn’t exactly public knowledge, but if you dig deep enough, or are on such terms with the Hokage, you could discover that the last mission she was a Captain returned home short two members, one of whom Akina killed herself. She claims the he was already dying, and she just put him out of his obvious misery (what she actually said was, “He was screaming, so I made him stop before the enemy found us.”), but the testimony of her surviving subordinate disagrees.

When confronted about it, Akina didn’t exactly admit it, but nor did she deny committing the murder. She spent four days in the cells under the Hokage Tower, but was released and discharged, but not arrested, because of the lack of evidence against her.

ANBU: Mercenary
Codename – Ren
Mask - Weasel
Skill level– Captain

Writing Sample: There was an old superstition, dating back from before the forming of the Hidden Villages, whispered vehemently by the old fortunetellers and soothsayers, that a scarlet moon would rise the night before a dawn that would bring with it a great and terrible slaughter of innocents.

Natsume Akina didn’t pay any mind to superstitions, old or otherwise defined, but she did notice the full moon’s red hue. A small part of her wondered about it, but the rest of her was concentrated on seeking the positions of enemy shinobi, imaginary or otherwise. Detecting threats, or even the threat of a threat, took priority over wondering about the shade of the moon hanging ripe and heavy in the dark, star-infested sky.

The Lord’s carriages moved along cautiously, the wheels of the great wooden carts creaking and groaning as they traveled the dirt road. Akina didn’t like it, for the road was too open, too exposed to attack. A single decently skilled long-distance combat-type would have them, if he got in a good first shot.

She breathed in the night, tasting mud, the smoke from her last cigarette and the coppery undertone of blood, but the last one was probably imagined, or perhaps she’d gotten so accustomed to the flavor that it was permanently imbedded into her taste buds.

There was no wind, but the night was cool, and it felt good against the kunoichi’s skin. Akina could almost relax out here, in Wave Country, so far away from Konoha and its endless war.

A scream brought her back to the present, and a translocation jutsu moved her to the wagon housing the girl, pulling her weapon from her belt.

The girl being Matsumara Ikue, the Lord’s daughter, whom he had hired the two Konoha shinobi to protect as she journeyed back home. Beautiful, young, and spoiled rotten. A weak bitch, pathetic in her softness and inexperience of the true world, the one of blood and screams, not the luxurious one of silk and fancy talk, and even worse because she was not aware of it.

Akina had put Kiyomi with her, because the younger woman was better tempered, less likely to offend than her senior. Now she was regretting her decision.

The ninjutsu expert regretted it more when she yanked the wagon’s doors open, bladed-staff held at the ready. There was blood on the floor, on the silk coverings. A dark-headed girl was dead, throat cut, neck almost severed, eyes wide and bulging, fingers still twitching. Akina swore loudly and foully at the sight.

Great. Just fucking great. Her first assignment after ANBU, and the one they were supposed to protect went and died on them. Fuck. She defiantly wasn’t going to be getting that bonus. Motherfucking goddamn

Kiyomi was at the princess’s side, the blood on the kunoichi’s face covering her startled expression, a dead man behind her. An under-cover agent, then. Kiyomi hadn’t seen it, the stupid bitch. Stupid little rookie brat.

Akina sheathed her weapon, moved up to examine the mess, lit a cigarette, and proceeded to tell Kiyomi exactly what the girl’s mother had been doing the previous night, with whom, and for how much, down to the last cent. She then detailed down to the last bloodstain how she would kill Kiyomi for being stupid, all the while lamenting the loss of her bonus.

She paid no more mind to the crimson sheen of the moon. 

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