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Naruto RPG

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mirror_fade @ 07:47 pm: Shinobi Confidential Files, Take 4

Out of Character


Player handle – Fade

In Character

IC, Canon and OC:

Character Name – Yasui Ujiki
Age - 28
Birthday –March 5th
Type of Ninja– active-duty shinobi
Rank – jounin

In Character (continued)

Physical Appearance– Though he stands at average height, Ujiki has a slender (some would call it delicate) build, lacking the muscle-bulk most male shinobi get when they’ve had as many years of combat experience as he has. A light tan darkens his naturally pale face, though also dries his skin somewhat, taking attention away from a series of thin horizontal scars stretching the entire length of his neck. No more than scratches, many have wondered exactly where he got them. Ujiki usually refrains from commenting upon them, and tries to forget their existence, explaining them away as “combat-related injuries”.

His slender fingers are noticeably crooked, having been broken in the past, and he wears a plain silver wedding band on the proper finger. No one mentions it, since the only woman he ever dated has her name carved upon the stone.

As far as his hair goes, it’s a very pale shade of blond, and always done up in a casual ponytail. The amount of strands that have wiggled free depends on how long he’s had it up, and what type of work he’s been doing. The ties he uses to secure it range from pieces of twine, wire, ribbon fragments, and, on special occasions, an actual hair binder.

His eyes are the darkest possible green, and set deep in his skull.

Because of his distinctively non-shinobi appearance, Ujiki is good at undercover assignments. The ability to fade back into a crowd, completely unnoticed, is one that comes easily to him. Simply put, he’s easy on the eyes; neither truly handsome nor remarkable in any particular way. People’s eyes simply pass over him, and Ujiki knows it.

Usual Clothing- On duty, Ujiki wears the standard jounin getup; vest, cargo pants, and black turtleneck. Off duty, he favors loose and/or baggy things; his shirts are usually about three sizes too big. He likes earth tones and the color white, even though it gets stained more than it aught to. The pants he likes are loose and baggy with deep pockets, but are cinched to his small waist with a belt. Ujiki dislikes wearing short-sleeves, and always has a few senbon on him, usually in a concealed wrist-sheath.

If you looked in his pockets, you’d find a bit of spare change, lint, and a piece of mint, probably crushed into powder from being forgotten and sat on.

Living Situation (where you can be found when not on duty) – Apartment near the Academy, room 102, first floor. He’d strongly prefer if you wouldn’t come over uninvited. Or even if you are invited. And since he never invites anyone, that means never.

Fighting Style – Unusual for a male shinobi, Yasui Ujiki has a strong preference for genjutsu, and his entire fighting style is based upon it. His skill in that area, though he’s not a genius, is far above the norm for a jounin, and he’s among Konoha’s best genjutsu-specialists.

As far as Taijutsu goes, Ujiki isn’t very strong, but what he lacks in power, he makes up for with speed. His attacks might not shatter bones or crush skulls, but he can hit pressure points, and take down an enemy quickly with senbon if he’s too low on chakra to employ genjutsu. The bane of his students and sparring partners are his extremely fast reflexes; he’s hard to hit when he puts his mind to dodging.

To attain his rank, Ujiki knows a grand total of three water-style attacks. Ninjutsu is not his strong point.

Preferred Weapons – Senbon, both poisoned and not. He prefers them to kunai for their accuracy. Having an extreme dislike (some would call it fear) of explosive notes, Ujiki avoids carrying them whenever he can. Proficient in the use of kunai and shuriken, as all shinobi are, Ujiki carries a stock in his thigh holster. He’s better at utilizing them as projectiles than as thrusting weapons, preferring to fight at mid-range rather than close up.

Special Jutsu – Three water jutsus (offensive), and a wide array of genjutsu, offensive and defensive, subtle and blunt. Ujiki has no summoning contract.

Service Record–
Graduated the Academy at age ten, made chuunin at fourteen, jounin at seventeen. Was appointed the Jounin-Sensei of team 12, consisting of Yoshino Reichi, Tanako Yuji, and Natsume Akina. Trained them for four years before they made chuunin. Reich died two days later. Akina continued on to ANBU, eventually getting booted out with a Dishonorable Discharge and a number of angry ex-mission-mates to her credit. Yuji started teaching at the Academy and hasn’t left since.

In Character (continued)

Relationships (include family, friends, sexual orientation, lovers, enemies, etc.) –
To the knowledge of the general public, Ujiki has had one serious relationship in his life. According to some rumors, they even got married. Of course, there’s no way to really prove anything, since Ujiki doesn’t talk about it, and Shomoto Miya’s name has been on the Hero’s Stone for a good long time.

That was five years ago. Ujiki wears the ring, out of respect, love, or something else, no one’s really sure. But he’s never dated, or even looked at another woman in the way he did at Miya.

As far as friends go, he’s got his fair share of drinking buddies who make sure he doesn’t kill himself when he gets started on the alcohol, sparring partners, and a few just plain friends. He doesn’t like to just start up a conversation with a complete stranger, but if he knows the person well enough, then he’ll talk, share stories, and isn’t above a drunken brawl in said friend’s honor, if it comes down to that.

Ujiki doesn’t currently have any enemies (his sisters love him, even if they do give him bruises, and Akina hasn’t tried to murder him in nine months).

His three sisters love him dearly, as he was the youngest of the family, and the only boy. They take care of him when he’s hurt, check in on him every once and a while, and beat Ujiki bloody sparring (but its all in love, they don’t do it in spite, or anything).

On occasion, he’ll look in on his surviving students. Yuji enjoys his company. Akina does not.

No one brings up his parents. Ujiki made it very clear ever since he made chuunin that no one was to mention them, for reasons he chose not to specify.

Personal History (please include background for your character, ambitions and goals that drive them, and how the current war is affecting him or her) –

The Yasui family has a rather nasty reputation for turning out brutal fights with mean temperaments and short life expectancies. Ujiki’s too shy to be considered mean, and his fighting style is genjutsu-based, so he’s definitely an oddity in his family. His sisters were understanding and supportive.

His parents were not.

Some wonder why he’s so afraid of having his face touched. His sisters know, and everyone else is smart enough not to bring it up. Ujiki tries very hard to forget about it, and the raised eyebrows he occasionally gets.

Being one of the few shinobi who actually remember what life was like before the war took over, the carnage sometimes gets to Ujiki, and when it does, it hits him a lot harder than most. He can remember when border patrol was an assignment for chuunin, not ANBU, and when diplomats and foreign shinobi occasionally came through Konoha’s gates for the chuunin exam. No more.

Graduating the Academy near the top of his class, Ujiki was placed on a genin team under a foul-tempered kunoichi named Momoko, training until he made chuunin at age fourteen. His two teammates are deceased, Aoishi from a compromised mission, Dai from a training accident. Momoko is now happily retired and terrorizing her children, and soon-to be grandchildren.

Ujiki met Miya during the Jounin exams. Both passed, and they dated for several years, before Miya’s untimely death. Her body was never recovered.

Training a genin team was something Yasui Ujiki always wanted to do. Now, several years after the fact, he often wonders if he could have tired harder, maybe done a better job. Natsume Akina was Dishonorably Discharged from ANBU after murdering a teammate. Yoshino Reichi died two days after making chuunin on a mission he was ill prepared for. Tanako Yuji never advanced beyond chuunin rank, opting to teach rather than to fight on the frontlines.

He’s taken hard missions, and will continue to do so for a long time. Yasui Ujiki plans on retiring when he’s dead. Considering the brutal nature of the current war, that day might not be so far off.


Personality Traits (please be detailed; include general traits as well as such items as quirks, hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, talents, and flaws.) –

If you saw Ujiki as a child, he’d probably be one of the last kids you’d think would ever grow up to be a ninja, let along one with Jounin rank. Withdrawn, quite, and a bit timid, he wore his hair down so he wouldn’t have to look at people. Time and training have changed that somewhat, but if one word were used to sum up the genjutsu-expert’s personality, it would be “shy”.

Ujiki was born into the Yasui family, a clan renown for producing ruthless and brutal Taijutsu-style fighters. Every member of the family is a shinobi. No exceptions. His parents were Yasui Kaede and Masuda, both shinobi, and both rather disappointed in their only son’s shy nature. His three sisters had no such problems, as their parents saw it, so they put extra effort into fixing it.

Having an extreme phobia of being slapped or having his faced touched might be attributed to the training he received before entering the Academy, but Ujiki doesn’t like to talk about it. His sisters took care of him when he was older, since their parents died on a blotched mission when he was nine. Not too many people were sad to see them gone.

On missions, Ujiki is methodical. He follows the rules, and avoids taking risks if he doesn’t have to. Always thinking of the mission objective first, he nonetheless makes sure to look out for his comrades and make sure they’re ok. If it came down that way, he’d die for them, take blows if he thought it would save them.

Many shinobi claim they lead the life style they do out of their loyalty to Konoha and their comrades, when in truth they simply just like fighting, killing, and/or getting paid as much as they do. Yasui Ujiki is one of the few who could look Sandime in the eye and honestly say that he fights and murders for the sake of Konohagakure and all her people, both shinobi and civilians. He might not have had a choice about becoming a shinobi, but Ujiki keeps at it because he honestly wants to do the right thing.

If you were to meet him for the first time, Ujiki would probably strike you as quiet and somewhat shy. He’ll speak when he thinks his opinion is needed, but doesn’t participate in small talk with those he is unfamiliar with.

He drinks to forget, which means he drinks too much. Seafood doesn’t sit well with him, though it’s not severe enough to be considered an allergy. He reads mysteries when he has the time and also paints watercolors of people’s faces, sometimes sitting in a tree and painting the people passing by for hours on end.

When he breaks, he breaks fast, though he can usually feel it coming well enough to prepare for it. He might stare at an inanimate object for a few hours, or drink himself into oblivion, but it doesn’t usually get worse than that.

On a side note, Ujiki is somewhat clueless in social situation, and often misses clues that might seem obvious to others. It isn’t strange for someone to tell a joke, and after everyone has finished laughing for Ujiki to be blinking and then flatly state that he didn’t get it.

Special Notes (anything else you'd like to include? Go ahead!) –
Yasui Ujiki is the former Jounin-Sensei of Natsume Akina. They have different views on the relationship they share, for they are two different characters.

Writing sample: It seemed like the simple things caused life, and also ended it. Ujiki didn’t know anything about how the princess had been born, or how she had lived. All he knew was how she had died, and left him wondering what he was supposed to do about it.

She had been a kunoichi, or close enough to kunoichi-status as a noblewoman could come. Trained by someone who knew what they were doing, but lacking both rank and allegiance to any village. Ujiki didn’t know what she had been doing in Grass Country, and it wasn’t his place to ask, so he didn’t inquire. She probably wouldn’t have told him even if he had been bold enough to, since Ren-hime (an odd name for a princess, but again, it wasn’t his place to comment), had been sick.

Very sick. Too sick to walk on her own for more than a few hundred feet. He’d carried her almost the entire way, but in the end, it hadn’t mattered. Hadn’t changed anything, hadn’t made it better. Hadn’t even eased the girl’s suffering, and it might have even made it worse. Ujiki didn’t know, he wasn’t a medic, but he could guess, could assume.

If he wanted to blame anyone for her death, then he supposed it would be the rain. If it hadn’t been raining, then maybe he could have gotten her to a medic, saved her life.

If it hadn’t been raining, then Ren-hime wouldn’t have died. But it was raining hard, hard water pouring from a dark sky. Mud stuck to everything, working its way into the creases of his pants and even his vest. It was splattered on the Jounin’s face, getting in his eyes, covering his forehead protector. He’d have to clean it when he got home, or else it would rust.

Ren-hime wouldn’t be getting back home.

Light brown hair stuck to her pale face. The short tuffs would have looked more appropriate on the daughter of a merchant, or a career shinobi. The girl, dressed in dark, nondescript pants and long-sleeved top, could have passed for a kunoichi. She was built like it, with hard shoulders and tough arms. There was a thin line of blood trickling from her mouth. Her eyes, still halfway open, were blue, pale and glassy. They looked fake, like a painting, like a doll’s eyes. The girl, for he couldn’t call her anything else, not with her young age, didn’t look at all like a noblewoman. Death hadn’t changed her, though he supposed a funeral might. They always did up the corpses in makeup and stuff, those nobles. Like it would make it better, somehow. Shinobi burned their dead. No fuss.

She had died because it was raining, not because of enemy attack or of Ujiki’s incompetence.

Thunder covered up his words, like the Jounin knew it would, but he murmured them anyways, because that was all he could think to do.

“I’m sorry.”

The rain continued on for several hours, but Ujiki didn’t bother keeping count. One tends to loose sight of such things when carrying a body.


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